UPDATED: Thailand Lacrosse 2011 Season Preview

All wearing undershirts, they got it right in Bangkok

It’s that time of the year, saying good bye to 2010 and say hello to 2011 lacrosse season. In the next few remaining days of 2010, TLA Blog on LAS will be showing the overview of all aspect of Thailand Lacrosse for 2011 (yes, that includes new gears). The new partnership announcements, feature articles about the TLA by Payu, Wilson, Brunelle and of course Godzilla. The first game is just around the corner for the TLA’s second year of it’s program, check out what the TLA has up their sleeves. Especially reading about NCAA 2011 Pre-season by Coach Tumbas or Connor Wilson’s Christmas Special would make anyone want to start laxing in the middle of winter.┬áStay tune, and keep checking back often for the latest news for 2011 season. Exciting time ahead, Welcome to the Thailand Lacrosse 2011 on The Lax All-stars Network!!

Here’s the highlight pictures from 2010: TLA Recap Pictures of 2010 and TLA Candid Photos

In the mean time….

If Thailand has a Box lax team, we would wear this helmet

The “M11” Hockey helmet, from the same people who made these:

Like that? How about these guys…

How is this STX version compare to the Maverik version, you decide.

On another news: Thailand T-shirts are popping up everywhere, we showed Kyle show off his TLA tee previously. Now here’s Chazz Woodson getting his Thai Lax on, and our own Connor Wilson represented the TLA in NYC Box lacrosse:

Mr. Woodson wearing a TLA shooting tee

Speaking of Chazz, do you wanna know who he trained with? Check it out.

Magnum P.I. of Box lacrosse

We were mentioned, in Mr. Godzilla’s recent posting, also check out this intro video Singha beer made too: