Thailand Lacrosse is popping up everywhere…

K18 rocking the Thai Tee, See you this summer Kyle

Thailand Lacrosse is popping up everywhere, all around Asia, to the U.S. and Europe. This time is with the TLA’s Development officer, Kyle Harrison in California sporting a Thailand Lacrosse t-shirt. Kyle will be heading to Thailand several time in 2011, to help aid the development of lacrosse in this asian country. As well as working closely with Chazz Woodson, Sean Lindsay, P.T. Ricci and Steve Hess to turn the men’s team into a force on the international lacrosse scene. If you have the picture of your self in a Thailand lacrosse t-shirt, send it to us and we’ll post it up on our Facebook page, and our blog.

Where else are rocking them..?

In New York City:

The Wilson too IN BOX LACROSSE

In Miami:

Woodson ALSO Rocked Thai Lax Tee

And… in Los Angeles:

The L.A. Maverik Boys loves Thailand Lacrosse