Thailand Lacrosse Quick Update


Welcome to another edition of Thailand Lacrosse quick update, where we bring you all the news about TLA and international lacrosse. This month there are many things happening in international lacrosse scene, below are just some of the highlights.


  • International World Game Association (IWGA) accepted FIL as the newest member of IWGA, which marked another step closer to the Olympic for lacrosse.
  • The final preparation is underway for the Thailand, and Singapore for their debut at the first ASPAC tournament in Beijing later this month.
  • Many of the Thai players are coming out in record number to try-out for the spot on the roster ahead of the World Championships in Denver next year.
  • Easton Lacrosse will be donating gears, co-hosting multiple clinics with TLA at several high schools in Payu’s hometown of Ban Bueng, Chonburi.
  • Work begins on Malaysia and Vietnam lacrosse, the representative of Vietnam lacrosse will meet with the APLU President in Beijing.
  • China Lacrosse, the host of ASPAC2013 released the schedule for the tournament (see below).