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4 - Published January 13, 2011 by in Fun Stuff, News Updates

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The overview news update of Thailand lacrosse, incase you missed anything. The Schedule for 2011 is out, go check out where you can go watch Team Thailand play. It’s been three weeks after Christmas, but the shipping department still working away sending some Thailand lacrosse love all over the world:

Goodies for EVERYONE

If you want yours, be sure to enter GTG: Thailand Give Away Contest. Just simply comment, and shared your view of how best to “Grow the Game” you could be winning your self these TLA goodies:

Thailand Lacrosse Gears

Want them? Go get'em...

Lax All-Stars did a special interview with Tod Phataraprasit a member of the men’s national team, also the TLA friday quick chat with Val Buranastidporn the women’s team captain. The future looking bright for Team Thailand, if these young players are any indication of it. There could be two Thai team heading to the ASPAC 2011 this July, watch this space for the confirmation.

Val and Tod: the Future of TLA

And lastly on the fashion front, STX (the official partner of Thailand Lacrosse for 2011) released these gears mock-ups on Sweet Sweet Lax: For the final complete version of the alternate gloves, posted by Lax go HERE

Nice Job, STX Design Lab!

PLUS: Special interviews with Steve Hess, and Sean Lindsay coming up on Thailand Lacrosse blog you don’t want to miss! For more previews, and updates, keep checking back this weekend.. there are much more news to come.

Steve Hess: TLA Interim Coach

TLA Stickers: Want them? goooo.. Sign up

UPDATED: LAS have been working hard pushing out all new news updates, in the world of International Lacrosse this week. Be sure to check them out, so you won’t miss out on all the efforts to Grow the Game in all parts of the world. Lax All-Stars

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