Thailand Shafts Revisited

Thailand Lacrosse Shaft 2011

Thailand Lacrosse Shaft 2011

Back in 2010 Thailand Lacrosse commissioned¬†1Lacrosse, a premier custom lacrosse shaft maker to create a custom shafts for the men’s national lacrosse team. The men’s team competed in 2010 with their one of a kind Red/White and Blue “Kingdom of Thailand” shaft:

Now, for 2011 campaign 1Lacrosse as the Development Partner / Supplier of Thailand Lacrosse came up with something better. Combining ideas from the last shafts and this year’s “going back to the root” theme (the word “Siam” in Thai on the new STX Assault lines) the out come is quite stunning, long behold the Thailand Lacrosse Shaft 2.0

The shafts is SC20+ alloy and comes in 3 sizes (Attack, Defense, and Goalie) for all positions, which will be debut at the game in Connecticut this May. The review of this shaft, and full pictures of them coming soon.


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