Thailand-Singapore GTG Project


Last weekend, Payu and a group of Thailand lacrosse players ventured to Singapore to help out Singapore Lacrosse Association kick start their program, despite their busy schedule and the Thai general election the following day. The Thai players and Singaporean players found their way to the field, putting up a lacrosse goal, practice together and some scrimmages during the 2 hours of field time. With the curiosity of soccer and cricket players on the near by field, it was a much needed event to generate the “buzz” for lacrosse in the Lion city. This event would not have been possible without the help of TLA official partners: Total Reservation, South Swell Sport, STX, and Cascade. Who came through and supported Payu’s mission to grow the game of lacrosse in Singapore. (Editor note: Rory Baldini who was in Thailand for GTG Invitational, also made his way from Hong Kong to help out as honorary coach of the day as well) Photos Credit: Nok Nokkie


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