TLA Gundam

Thailand STX Assault Gloves

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TLA Gundam

They may looked like something out of Gundam, the Japanese Sci-Fi Cartoon.

But they’re real.

A few months back LAS412, Sweet Sweet Lax separately released some mock-up images of Thailand 2011 Assault line by STX. Which marked the new dawn of the 3 years partnership between STX and Thailand Lacrosse Association, incase you forgot go HERE.


Grey Assault for Thailand

Remember this guy?

These gloves demonstrated many first by STX, and what is possible beyond the “cookie cutter” world of gear customization (and yes, the first international team with a main and alternate gloves) as 412 called it “Super Custom”. So we were extremely excited two days ago when @TizzleSTX e-mailed us the first pictures of the gloves, as they  arrived in Baltimore:

Team Thailand Assault Gloves

Team Thailand Assault Gloves

Team Thailand Assault Gloves

Team Thailand Assault Gloves

We posted some pictures on Twitter, and the initial reactions/feed backs has been positive thus far:

Twitter about the TLA Gloves

Tweet about TLA Glove

UPDATE: More respond by Mr. Hughes, We’ll be seeing him in BKK this June.

Tweet by Hughes

The full review after we received them.

More Thailand gears to come from STX and @TizzleSTX with the Custom Armpads/Arm guards/D-Arm pads, as well as the Team Duffle bags are en route, so stay tuned. Plus the finishing products of the TLA uniforms by Pro Athletics to complete the looks for the Team Thailand in 2011.

TLA gundams


TLA Side Notes:

Pictures from the FIL Clinic HERE

LAS: Most Read in February GO READ

412: This isn’t real or Is it?

Sweet lax: Fact – It’s impossible for Pro Athletics to come out with anything ugly Hop Valley Lax

Lax Road: Spring break in Indiana is HERE

LAS: Wilson’s very special dyed/traditional stringing wand – Jealous

412: Give Away, and more Give Away Contest on Facebook

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