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Yeardly Love
Yeardly Love (1987-2010)

One Love Heart

Thailand Lacrosse Association recently announce that it will join One Love Foundation in it’s mission to help spreading the awareness, and “Bring out the Yeardley, in everyone by igniting the spirit of One Love in students, encouraging them to choose a path of goodness”. The One Love Foundation is a tribute to Yeardley Reynolds Love, a fallen lacrosse player. She wore number 1 jersey, in high school and at the University of Virginia. The One Love Foundation’s mission is driven to encourage, children and young adults to develop service, kindness, humility and sportsmanship mentality. The quality that the late Yeardley Love exemplified, to make the world a better place.

Yeardly Love
Yeardley Reynolds Love (1987-2010)

Thus far, the foundation have received an overwhelming supports from the lacrosse community, and beyond in the States. With countless fundraising, and events to support the foundation, and it’s missions. There are over 77,000 people that “like” the Facebook page honoring Yeardley’s memories. Last year. the Men’s and Women of the Virginia lacrosse team wore “YL1” on their uniforms, and the men’s team wore this shooting shirt at the 2010 NCAA tournament:

One Love Shooting Shirts
"One Love" shooting shirts of the UVA men's team

Thailand Lacrosse will be the first International lacrosse program that’s officially support the One Love Foundation’s mission. The team will be an international ambassador to the One Love Foundation, will help give the exposure to the foundation beyond the continental United States. The team will be sporting One Love’s “Heart” logo on their helmets, and team apparels. Also the One Love’s blue wristbands will be handed out for the players, and staffer to wear in it’s efforts to spread the words. The TLA will donate part of it proceed of the association’s fund raising products to the One Love Foundation, besides the personal donation pledge by the TLA President.

One Love Heart
One Love "Heart" Logo

“We’re honored to be a part of One Love Foundation, we hope that we can help spread the word, and pay tribute to Yeardley’s legacy. This season, the team will be traveling to several countries, and over three different continents. So not only we’ll be a part in spreading the game of lacrosse, we’ll be the catalyst of the One Love foundation’s mission globally. I was touched, and can relate to the tragic story of Yeardley. I admired Yeardley’s family, and friends achieving something good out of tragedy, as a tribute to her.” A statement by¬†Prantarit Nerngchamnong, President of Thailand Lacrosse Association. He lost his mother who was the driving force behind Thailand Lacrosse Association, only a few months before the program started.

“The One Love Foundation is grateful for the good works of Thailand lacrosse is honoring Yeardley’s life. Thailand lacrosse is an international ambassador for One Love foundation, spreading the mission of kindness, service, humility and sportsmanship” Said Sharon Robinson, Yeardley’s cousin, and the representative of the One Love foundation.

One Love Website
One Love Foundation's Official Website

Visit their Official website for more information about the One Love Foundation: Join One Love