Three LXM pros to aid Thailand


Thailand Lacrosse Association recently announced Sean Lindsay , Kyle Harrison, and Chazz Woodson as the 2011 TLA Development Officers, and advisors. Lindsay (Syracuse), Harrison (Hopkins), and Woondson (Brown) will split their time between their commitments in the U.S. to help develop new, and existing talents as well as promote the sport in Thailand through out the course of 2011. Steven Hess (Loyola) who had been assisting the TLA since June 2010 is acting as full time interim coach to the Men’s national team as well as advisory committee to the TLA while the search for the head coach is in progress.

When asked about the selection of these men to help out the TLA for 2011, TLA president and founder Payu Nerngchamnong said “It is a privilege for us to be working with the men of this statue and caliber to help the sport grow here in Thailand.” He added “The level of commitment, and sacrifice these guys made demonstrate the core fundamentals of what made this game stand out from the rest. That no individual is greater than the game, on and off the field. By sacrificing their time away from their daily commitments. In order to help out a new program such as ours, is the testament of their passion, and character. We’re fortunate and honored to have them be a part of our program.”

Sean Lindsay who assisted Syracuse to 2 National championship was in Thailand with Chazz Woodson this past Fall to help aid the team’s training program said: “To think that the game of lacrosse would take me to a place like Thailand, speaks volumes on how popular this sport is becoming on a global scale. I am truly honored, and humbled of the opportunity to work with the TLA. I take pride, and focus on doing anything to help grow this game in Thailand.” Sean had been instrumental in helping the TLA setting up, and maintaining contact in an advisory role from day one.

“I’m honored to be named a Development officer for the Thailand Lacrosse Association.” said Kyle Harrison of his new appointment. “The sport of lacrosse has done so much for me, and I am very fortunate to be in a position to give back to the game in as many ways as possible. I can’t wait to get over to Thailand, and work with the team in July!” The Tewaarton award winner will be in Thailand next summer, and then again in the Fall. To aid the national team’s preparation for the ASPAC 2011, and clinic for new players.

When asked about the appointment Woodson said “Lacrosse and the greater lacrosse community have impacted my life in a number of ways. And, in accordance with the statement, ‘to whom much is given much is expected,’ it’s an honor, and a privilege to join the TLA in creating opportunities for others to benefit from the sport that has given so much to me. Payu, and Steve Hess have done a great job so far and there’s already a lot to build on.”

Thailand Lacrosse was founded in the winter of 2010, by the Thai former lacrosse players who attended, and played at Suffield Academy (CT). The men’s national team burst onto the scene with back to back victories against the regional rival Hong Kong, the same team that competed in the world game in Manchester this past July. Thus far, the help and support from US. and Thai companies such as Maverik lacrosse, Lacrosse Unlimited, 1 lacrosse, Singha beer, IMPACT and Enigma Competition allows the program to grow at a rapid pace. The national team will be traveling to compete in their International tournament debut at ASPAC 2011 next July in New Zealand.