TLA Boot Camp: Day 3

Thailand huddles around Head Coach Dylan Sheridan.

The third day of practice for TLA represented the future of Team Thailand while also reminding the athletes and staff of the country and culture they represent.

The day really began with a practice with Team Canada. This experience was something very special for the men of TLA as they played alongside some of the best lacrosse players in the world. Each goal, save and ground ball for Team Thailand meant more because of the strength of the competition they faced.

“Playing with the Canadian players was the greatest opportunity in my life,” Em Poomngern said. “They are one of the best in the world. I’ve been playing lacrosse for three years, and I’m at my peak right now. Having a chance playing with those guys was so much fun. There’s so much thing to learn from them. Great time.”

This practice gave the team the opportunity to work with more great coaches and learn from the other players on the field, while also getting the chance to practice working as a team.

After practice, the team traveled to the Wat Buddhwararam Temple, a Thai temple in Denver.

“We got a chance to go to the temple with the team,” Em said. “It’s kind of a team bonding activity, and we had really good, great time.”

The Monks of the temple performed a prayer and blessing for the team to bring them good luck as they begin their adventure of the FIL World Championship. Each player and member of the staff was given a necklace and bracelet containing the good luck blessing.

The Temple members performed traditional Thai music and dance following the service. This experience allowed the players to see people in the Denver community who are eager to see their country represented on the lacrosse field.

TLA finished the day out with a barbeque to celebrate Head Coach Dylan Sheridan’s birthday. The team relaxed and bonded at the gathering, reflecting on the eventful day they had all had.

The barbeque was a fun celebration for all involved with TLA. Em said it was one of the highlights of his trip.

This boot camp week has done more than just give the team time to practice; the team is coming together to represent their country the best way they can by bonding off the field.

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Lena is the Communication Director for TLA. She is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill where she works for their lacrosse teams and other sports. She has held a lacrosse stick exactly twice in her life, but has worked in the sport at the high school, college, professional and international levels. Go Heels.