TLA Boot Camp: Day 6

Payu and Eric following the practice with TLA.

For TLA’s final day of boot camp before the FIL World Games, a couple of special local lacrosse players joined Thailand for an enjoyable practice.

Eric Law, an attackman for the Denver Outlaws, and John Roach, who will play for the new DI program at New Jersey Institute of Technology next year,  joined TLA to help them in their final preparations for their first game against Scotland.

“It was just a great experience,” John said. “Like experiencing a different culture in a different way. Seeing how the different players play, and from a different country. It was sweet.”

“It’s cool being able to play with different people from different parts of the country,” Eric said. “That’s one of the best parts of the sport, being able to play with different kinds of people and different styles. It’s cool being able to have one coaching staff that you know and then having a whole different team and different atmosphere out here. It’s pretty awesome to see.”

TLA attackman Colton McCaffrey is also from Colorado and knows both Eric and John. He said he enjoyed playing with them while suited up for Thailand.

“Both of them are great players, and it was just really good to have them out working with the team. I know a lot of guys learned some really good stuff from both of them, and it was just a great example of players we should all look up to.”

The players helped not only in the drills with the team, but played alongside them to help them practice running the offense and defense.

“Just playing with both of them, they make it so easy to just get open,” Colton said. “It’s easy to play with both of them. Their lacrosse IQ is great, and it’s just definitely easier to play with them than a lot of other guys.”

In addition to helping Thailand prepare, the practice also served to turn Eric and John into TLA fans. The two will be rooting for Thailand in their first World Games.

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Lena is the Communication Director for TLA. She is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill where she works for their lacrosse teams and other sports. She has held a lacrosse stick exactly twice in her life, but has worked in the sport at the high school, college, professional and international levels. Go Heels.