TLA Insider: Impact’s Challenger Hall

Satellite Photo of Thailand Lacrosse Field
The View from above..

TLA Challenger Hall

In this edition of TLA Insider, we take a look at another facility available to the Thailand Lacrosse program. We’ve seen the 23,000 seats Yamaha Stadium home to Thailand Lacrosse through their official partner IMPACT. Recently, Thailand Lacrosse Association signed a partnership extension with IMPACT all the way through 2013. IMPACT has a vast array of facilities within their complex capable of supporting all sorts of events, all AT ONCE. One of many impressive facilities is the Challenger Hall. The 646,000 Square foot indoor hall is normally used for conventions and motor shows. It will also be used to host the 2013 ASPAC Championship. Having the biggest indoor turf facilities on the planet will help eliminate the unpredictable tropical climate of Thailand, allowing the teams to compete without obstacles.  Further, there is abundant space available for temporary spectator stands around the field. To have a better understanding of the sheer size of the Challenger Hall, let’s turn our attention to some fun facts:

The Dimensions:

Length: 1,290 ft.

Width: 502 ft.

Hight: 54 ft.

Total Indoor space: 646,000 Sq. ft. (Not including other parts of the building)

Indoor Parking: 2,500 cars (Basement)

Outdoor Parking: 390 cars

The Challenger Hall can approximately fits at one time:

3 of Penn State’s Holuba Hall AND 3 of Michigan’s Al Glick Field House


10 Full size Lacrosse fields


12 Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets

Inside TLA Challenger Hall
Inside the Challenger Hall...

Here’s the satellite photo of the Yamaha Stadium and the Challenger Hall together:

Satellite Photo of Thailand Lacrosse Field
The View from above..

* The Green patch above the Challenger hall (the largest rectangle building in the picture) is the TLA’s Yamaha Stadium.

The Floor Plan:

TLA Challenger Hall floor plan
So much.... SPACE

Challenger Hall