TLA Quick note: Sunday Afternoon Coffee


It’s Game Week.

A final Sunday leading up to the game against Singapore, a lot of ground to cover. So I spend the afternoon discussing, going over what we have to do for this week. Since we for the second time is the host of the game, which the first one ended in our first defeat (10-9).  A lot of changes were made since then by Coach Hess and I, making sure that we are ready. So we won’t be caught off guard again, and putting on a good show for the ever growing crowd. True Sports our newest partner for 2012, will be tapping the game for their broadcasting on their network. The film crew of “For King and Country” will also shoot the additional footage for the movie. It will seem like a lot of distractions, but it is part of playing in the big league I suppose. There are definitely a lot to do, if it wasn’t because of the help of my supported team (@I_amLax), coach Hess, and the players pulling their own weight. Our partner STX, Cascade, Head Wrapz and South Swell in particular, that they not only helped us but the Singapore team as well. It certainly would have been more “hairs pulling” sort of week… There are still a lot more sleepless nights ahead, ahead of our season opener.

We shall see…