TLA Quick Report: Thailand edged Hong Kong 11-9


TLA Staff: Thailand defended the Friendly Cup trophy against Hong Kong under the city lights in Hong Kong, for the forth time in three years. It was one of the closest game of all the games between the two nations, the lead changes hand twice, and tied three times. However, it never got above three goals apart during Thailand three goals streak in the third quarter. A discipline Hong Kong team capitalized on Thailand’s man down situations to closed the gap, and took a one goal lead (9-8) late in the forth quarter. A questionable substitution penalty was called on Thailand as one of the Thai player scored, which the official cancelled out the goal even though Thailand was one man short on offense. On top of the fact they did not gain any advantage from a Thai player took a step out too early as his teammate was rushing to the substitution box. Despite being denied the chance to tied, the Thai team rallied offensively, and scored 3 goals to win the game 11-9 for the forth time. The game was exciting from the start to the last few seconds of the game, both teams continues the tradition of good sportsmanship on and off the field. It is a fierce rivalry to watch, not only for the region but the international lacrosse as a whole. The full report of the game, and game photos to follow.

Box Scores

1st Q: THA 2 – HK 1

2nd Q: THA 5 – HK 4

3rd Q: THA 8 – HK 5

4th Q: THA 11 – HK 9