TLA Quick Report: Thailand Wins the Singha Trophy


TLA Staff: Thailand Lacrosse finished the season with 3-1 record and clinched the Singha Trophy after going 1 and 1 over the weekend, losing to Singapore in 6-7 “sudden victory” overtime. The tournament round up the season long battles between the three nations, with Thailand defeated both Singapore, and Hong Kong earlier during the year. Singapore finished the season with the record of 2-1, winning the Thailand-Singapore “Friendly Cup” trophy, as well as Hong Kong-Singapore “Rival Cup” trophy back to Singapore. Hong Kong fought hard, and came close to pulling the upsets against both teams with just the roster of young players. Finishing the year with 0-3 record, which the experience the young player learned form the tournament will help set up a strong foundation of players for Hong Kong. However, the women’s team from Hong Kong defeated “The Lioness” team of Thailand/Singapore women’s players, and bringing home the trophy. Despite a few glitches with the logistic, the heat, and the stadium organization. The first ever lacrosse tournament of the South East Asian region was a success, with couple hundred fans came out to see the games. With an addition of Hong Kong-Singapore “Friendly Cup” trophy being added for the next season, each team will be playing up to 4 games among one another. Which will help increase, and improved competition within the region, and open the door for additional team like Malaysia (due to compete later next year). The full report of the games, and photos to follow.

Thailand/Singapore/Hong Kong Game Results:

THA vs SIN Rival Cup – Thailand (9-2)

THA vs HK Friendly Cup – Thailand (11-9)

THA vs SIN Friendly Cup – Singapore (7-6 OT)

SIN vs HK Rival Cup – Singapore (8-5)

THA vs HK Rival Cup – Thailand (11-6)

 2012 Overall Record:

Thailand (3-1)

Singapore (2-1)

Hong Kong (0-3)