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She's using STX already, very ahead of the TLA

As the men’s team is now on it way to it’s second season, the TLA is now turn it focus to starting the Women’s program here in Thailand. It may not be as easy as the men’s team back in 2010, but with help from a few brave tenacious female players… it will happen. Today TLA staff caught up with Val Buranastidporn of Thailand lacrosse, this young woman is the foundation for the women’s program in Thailand. Sometime when there isn’t much girl at the practice, or if she’s free from helping new players Val joined in with the boys in their drills!. So we asked Val a few quick questions to get to know a little bit about her, and the program.

TLA: When, and where did you started playing?

Val: I’ve been playing for a little over 6 years, I started playing at the Queen Anne’s school, in England.

TLA: Why did you decide to play lacrosse?

Val: I choose lacrosse because it’s different from the other sports.. I really enjoy all the different elements within the sports. Such as teamwork, control, speed, stickwork, strategies, as well as just the right amount of competitiveness and aggression.

Magnum? or Blue Steel?

TLA: How do you feel about lacrosse in Thailand thus far?

Val: I think it’s a great start so far, but we need to promote it more and try spread the sport across the country. Thus drawing more players, spectators, and more love for the sport. I hope we can get enough girls together for a team, so we can compete along side the men’s team at the ASPAC this year in New Zealand.

TLA: What is your ultimate goal(s) in lacrosse?

Val: To improve overall as a player, representing my country, and to draw more female players especially Thai girls, and women. (Editor note: Val had been working with new female players at the practices, and TLA clinics)

TLA: Lastly, what are you currently doing?

Val: I’m currently studying BA in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion.

1 on 1 with the boys? bring it on..

30 Seconds with Val

Goggles or No Goggles?No Goggles

iPhone or Blackberry?iPhone

Shooting drill or Line drill? – Shooting drill

Clooney or Pitt ? Pitt

Grip or No Grip? – Grip

Wine or Beer? – Beer


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  1. Women’s team is what Thailand lacrosse need to show how serious they’re about expanding the sport in Thailand for ALL. It might cutting it close for the ASPAC in July, but then again “never say never” with these guys.