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Welcome to the new segment of LAS, all updated news in the world of international lacrosse. We’ll dig deep and find you readers all the rumors, speculations, and inside informations you can get it all from here. Are you ready?

We hear that…

Team U.S.A. marginally defeated Denver Lacrosse team by 1 goal, in a 16-15 clincher. Even though, it is a common knowledge that Bill Tierney’s squad has some serious fire powers (from Canada) but no one expected THAT final score. The U.S. national team by definition suppose to be “The best” the country has to offer, does this mean Denver is the second best team in the country? and that we’ll see them in the Final this May? (we sure hope so). Granted the U.S. team were not at their best, with some players from the 2010 World game roster were missing. So perhaps Coach Meade should make a serious consideration for Chazz Woodson who scored 3 goals, 1 assist for them as an “alternate” to be on the U.S. team roster in Denver in 2014. More on the game on Lax.com

Denver gave Team USA some trouble (photo credit: Lax.com)

Speaking of Chazz Woodson, we hear that Woodson and Sean Lindsay will continue their 3rd year as Development Officer for Thailand Lacrosse. The 2 men will be join by additional officers to help aid the development of lacrosse in Thailand at the youth level, as well as working with the national team. There were some vicious rumors circulating about these two game growers, and Thailand lacrosse leadership in a childish, and pathetic attempt to discredit all the hard work that had been done by them and TLA. Brett Hughes is rumored to be connected to the Thai program, Hughes is no stranger to International lacrosse development as he’s one of the key player of the successful Lacrosse the Nations program.

Payu, Hess, Woodson and Lindsay
Brett Hughes (right) and the kids (photo credit: Lacrosse the Nations)

We hear that China lacrosse is now on the hunt for partnership for their program, now that they recently been confirmed by the FILConnor Wilson recently wrote a great article about Lacrosse in China on LAS network. Despite having lacrosse since the ’90, they only recently been accepted into the Associate Membership status. With the majority of the lacrosse equipments are made in China, it is unknown why the lacrosse companies doesn’t try to partnered up with this sleeping Dragon? That we don’t know… all we know is that the Dragon is now awake, and it’s hungry for some lacrosse. It’s only a matter of time before China produce some home grown lacrosse talent, like what they did with Yao Ming for Basketball. Be sure to read LAS’s coverage of international lax by Godzilla from a while back with regards to the lacrosse in Asia.

Who's gonna be Yao Ming of China lacrosse?

As the European programs are getting ready for 2012 Euro Championship, we hear that the FIL will introduce some sort of World Game qualifier criteria for 2014. Which could mean that several of the European teams that only exist once every 4 years, may not be able to participate in the World game. In order to make way for countries with REAL program that has lacrosse all year round, like China. So say good bye to some of the European team you saw in 2010, you probably won’t see them in 2014 game.

They maybe in playing in 2012 but what about 2014?

Moving away from Europe, we also heard about the new world order on the horizon, with the recent rise of the south east Asian lacrosse programs. Philippines and Malaysia are now joining Singapore and Thailand in a coalition leading by Japanese Lacrosse. There were those who concerns that there is a complete “disconnect” between the leadership of the Asia region, and the participating countries (the current APLU President is an Australian). Which led to Korea, and Thailand not participating in the last regional championship in NZ. Japan will lead the Asia lacrosse programs heading to the World Game in 2014, and they will not be the only Asian team that will be competitive.

Japan will reign supreme in Asia no matter who runs the show..

This is just previews of what to come… we’ll be back.