What’s next..?


Two Sundays ago, we ended our 2013 season with 6-4 record..

It was the first game(s) at home for 2013 as we were on the road for majority of our games, spent 8 days in China coming out with 4-3 record in the APLU and finished 3rd overall.

Not a bad performance for the team that played the last three games without four of it starters to injuries. The depth of our players, and leadership of our captains really held the team together. Something that I am particularly proud of, and feels good about the choices I made for the roster. Finishing behind the strong program like Japan, and Australia that have a very large pool of players to choose from. We may not have the best on our roster, but we had the right one(s) for the team.

ASPAC2013 was a great event for Thailand

In Bangkok, it was not the best of our performance.. but we soldiered through. Used the experience for our new home grown players, and trying out new recruits for next year. Also took down a lot of notes, and game films that our coaches will look over in preparation for Denver.

Now that it ended.. what’s next?

Denver 2014 is looming on the horizon.

Are we ready? Not yet, Not nearly there.. Will we be?

Yes, we will.

From the management perspective, we still have to fill all the spots on the roster (and the alternates). Selecting the right coaching staffs to support the head coach, and helping us representing Thailand the best of their abilities regardless of where they’re from. I think that’s ultimately what it will come down to, the collective group of great men on and off the field to represent Thailand at Denver.

In the mean time, we’ll be focusing on the development of lacrosse in Malaysia. Both TLA and SLA had helped Malaysia to field a team for tournament in Bangkok. We also helped coach their team, both together (against Hong Kong) and against one another. In the coming weeks, we’ll be conducting clinics there as well as sending equipment supports to Malaysia. We look forward to their growth, and become the newest member to the APLU, and the FIL next year.

Welcome to the family Malaysia!
“Welcome to the family Malaysia!”