Woozle Mercurial Cleats by Woozle Global


The Woozle boys are going global, literary…

The famous Woozle team will join force with TLA’s Thai players, to form a Woozle Global for the Hawaii tournament. The Woozle gears by Pro Athletics proved to be quite a popular item on theĀ LAS Treadshop, on top of that some good looking gears are in the works for the Woozle Global. Let’s take a look at their Woozlific gears from 2010:

Woozle Global
Pretty in Pink

The Woozle will most likely be outfitted by Pro Athletics again for 2011, but what about the footwear? How can the Woozle find the cleats to match their Pink theme color?…. Enter the Woozle Mercurial Vapor III by Nike:

Woozle Mercurial

Woozle Mercurial

Woozle Mercurial

Woozle Mercurial

Pink and Silver grey combo work very well with the “Woozle” branded on the side of each cleats, with Carbon under plate and two compression studs by the nose (similar tech found in the Oregon Duck football’s new Alpha talon cleats). Though it was originally design for soccer, who say it will not be as effective on a lacrosse field… at the very least the color wins out. A few new Thai Woozle players already got their hands on them, watch out for them this season when the Woozle Global takes the field in Bangkok at GTG Invitational, and the Hawaii Tournament. More info about the Woozle on their Facebook page: HERE

Mercurial SL
Carbon Woozle?

Here’s a sneak peek of the next generation of the Mercurial Vapor IV:

Woozle Mercurial Vapor 4
Pink is the new black