Woozles Revisited

3 - Published March 29, 2011 by in Fun Stuff, Gear

On this edition of my post, we check out the gears by Pro Athletics of LAS’s official club team the Woozles. The 2011 line is the most comprehensive line of Woozlerific gears were available to LAS fans to purchase, since the birth of the Woozles. LAS guest writer, Muamer Razic recently wrote a post about it in Kentucky. Now the Woozles fever have reached the shore of Thailand, here are some photos of the Woozles gears in action model by Captain Payu at the TLA practice in Bangkok recently.


Woozle 2

Woozles 3

Woozles 4

Woozles 5

Woozles 7

Woozles 6

Woozles 8

Keep a look out for Woozles Global Team Announcement: Coming Soon

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