A Quick Note Before The Weekend

A very special birthday gift from our player to me

It’s been a while, but we’re back…

A lot been going on in the second quarter of 2012 for all of us at TLA after a decisive victory over Singapore in Bangkok.

I had a lot flying to do, bringing Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong on board with the coalition of Asia lacrosse initiative.

The TLA staffs are working and planning for the preparation of the GTG Invitational 2012, that’s being moved to July from June to accommodate a hectic schedule, and FIL General Assembly in Amsterdam in June. Where I’ll be discussing the future of not only TLA but Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.

Of course the team could use a breather from this year’s busy lacrosse calendar, and more time to get ready to host the LAS boys again. This time we could see the appearance of a certain Premier Japanese club team, adding to the pool of mixed players from all over the world… Check out the uniforms for the match.

Setting up Enigma Apparel took up a lot of my time, but I guess you can’t really complain when the business is good. A lot of exciting partnership for 2013 which should bring up a step closer to be running with the big boys. As it turn out, soccer teams also really like our stuff with opening up another market for our products.

Our new STX gears are en route, check back from the first photo of it here. Also the new images and video from the photo shoot for the team’s PR and Marketing for our partners are coming… for now check out our 2012 teaser.

Anyway, we’re back.

Check back this weekend for all the postings from me, and our writers on TLA Official blog.